Les visites guidées de Patricia Rosen

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The Carnavalet

CARNAVALET MUSEUMThe Carnavalet Museum Right in the heart of the Marais, you will discover 4000 years of Paris history, since its gallic and roman origin, to the French revolution, up to the splendours of the 2nd Empire.


The Jacquemart André Museum

In the magical atmosphere of a luxurious parisian mansion, Patricia will guide you through the splendours and prosperity of the 2nd Empire upper class, to discover  and appeciate masterpieces of the 18th century school with Fragonard, Boucher, Chardin, Rembrandt, as well as the 14th Forentin and Venitian school with Botticelli, Bellini, Mantegna, …


The Marmottan Museum

GIVERNYThe symbolic works of the Impressionism, and the enchanting Nympheas of Claude Monet surrounded by the others great Impressionist masters, in the wonderful and splendid 1st Empire Marmottan mansion, in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne.


The Musée d’Orsay

All the 19th century artistics trends born with the Industrial era .COURBET
The Barbizon School, around Corot, Millet , along with the realism style
of Courbet and Manet who opened the way to  the revolutionary Impressionists.


The Louvre Collections

LIBERTE GUIDANT LE PEUPLEThe Louvre Collections, Tours can be made upon topics, -

The Masterpieces, covering Egypt, Greece,Venus of Milo, Victory of Samos,
and 14th century works of Boticelli and Leonardo- Mona Lisa , up to the 18th century french school , the David "Napoleon Crowning" and Gericault "Raft of the Medusa" . The 19th century masterpices of Delacroix and Ingres giving a first knowledge of the Louvre....


Louvre Museum

The Louvre, (classical tour), the history of the castle since its foundation by Philippe Auguste, linked to the main kings of France. The main items of the museums, scupltures, paintings of Egypt, Greece, and Italian Renaissance, up to the french Romanticism.